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A Smarter Way to Stay Connected

From the moment they start looking for their first home until the day the door closes behind them on their last one, HomeKeepr keeps you in the know.

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Build a home for your clients between moves and know when they're ready to move again.

HomeKeepr gives them a feel good home management tool that they'll love and you get smart AI-driven analytics that tell you when you need to reach out about their next home.
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See why over 300,000 agents use HomeKeepr to unlock the keys to their database.

It's simple. Just invite your contacts to HomeKeepr. As they use it, our smart AI-drive solution keeps tabs
"I found the tool helpful at capturing people in the moment that they're thinking about real estate. It's allowed me to gain inroads on leads I've had for the last 2 years that I've been missing "the right time". For example, several of the people have already purchased a home. Here, I've gotten creative and got them thinking about 2nd property options and buying internationally. This has also resulted in two people sending me three referrals. Those referrals are new and I am intaking them.it allows me to target my database and be more effective in touching the database and converting. I can see how uploaded a thousand people would prove to be enriching.I receive the email alert and I process them during that lead gen period." Brandon Scott - Keller Williams Capitol Hill/Dupont/UNW
"The ERA Mover Engage program combining money-saving emails and concierge service forour buyers has been a great addition to our brokerage services. These programs add to the already strong ERA brand promise in a way that is very easy for the agents. Now that these programs are in place, they are just part of what we deliver to every one of our customers." DAVID MOODY - ERA SUNRISE REALTY
"I have used HomeKeepr for years. I added the blog to my KW website and several of my clients opened their own Homekeepr homeowner account and they seem to like the information they received." Judith Kitchens - Keller Williams Fredericksburg/Stafford
"I really like Simply Home because it alerts me to possible life changes for past clients, and it gives me a gentle nudge to reconnect with them." Katrina Haas - ERA Sunrise Realty



Don't let your database collect dust.
We track thousands of data points so you don't have to.

Your clients get an incredible home management tool and you get an easier way to take care of them. Our proprietary smart AI watches data points from user activity to life stages and from social triggers to public filings to let you know when a contact is probably thinking about moving.
It's easy to see who to contact and when. We list every contact in your database, scored by probability. 
Just log into your HomeKeepr agent dashboard to see likely movers!
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Great for your clients. Good for you too.

With HomeKeepr, your clients get an easy-to-use home tool to manage the home they have.  You get peace of mind that you'll know when they're ready for the next one. 

Build your Online Credibility With

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Moving is hard enough. Make it easier for your clients with HomeKeepr Concierge.

When it's time to setup utilities, movers, or insurance, we don't just tell them who to contact. We help them do it.
  • Deliver a concierge experience
  • Save clients time and hassle
  • Everything we do is branded to you

Stay in touch before, during, and after the move with emails that are branded to you.

Our smart AI makes it so much easier to stay connected. We take your data to automate emails to your clients with move-related and money-saving offers branded to you.


  • Your clients get emails targeted to their stage of moving and their interests
  • Every email is branded to you, as if it came directly from you
  • Just add your contacts to get started
2024 homekeeper logo_full horizontal color
2024 homekeeper logo_full horizontal color


A Smarter Way to Stay Connected

Chat with us to get an in-depth look at how you can use HomeKeepr to care for clients and to manage & monetize your database.